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West Sussex infant feeding guidelines and appropriate prescribing of specialist infant formula milk (full guidance)

DocID Name
173 Dos and don'ts of prescribing specialist infant formula milk
171 Guide for quantities of formula milk to prescribe
169 Infant feeding assessment form
170 Infant formula: GPs' quick prescribing reference guide
176 Management of colic in infants - feeding guidelines
192 Management of cows’ milk protein intolerance – feeding guidelines
175 Management of faltering growth - feeding guidelines
177 Management of gastro oesophageal reflux in infants - feeding guidelines
178 Management of pre-term infants - feeding guidelines
179 Management of secondary lactose intolerance - feeding guidelines
186 Parents' info sheet: dietary advice for breastfeeding mums with babies who have a CMPI
185 Parents' info sheet: home milk challenge to confirm diagnosis of CMPI
184 Parents' info sheet: introducing high energy solid
187 Parents' info sheet: introducing lactose-free solids
183 Parents' info sheet: introducing milk-free solids
182 Parents' info sheet: the MAP milk ladder
180 Parents' info sheet: useful website links and resources
181 Parents' info sheet: what can I do if my child won't eat?